This project was not sanctioned by my employer, I wanted to try out Invision Studio prototyping software. I felt the best way was to set a challenge.


Currently a user has to register their device with the app, then manually contact their agency to complete the process.


As a user I can resister an account and device all without leaving the app.


Not much research was conducted here as the goal was testing software. What I did do was document the current on-boarding process and shortened the journey. To some degree I completed some UX Benchmarking by researching other sign up journeys found in both apps and website experiences. 


I also took this opportunity to re-design the app interface, as from the above images you can tell it needs modernised.


Click on the link below to view the resulting prototype:

View Prototype


Summing Up

As a prototyping tool I feel it falls behind Sketch, but, the ability to use a timeline and animate transitions I love. I feel that both Studio and Sketch have great attributes to offer and going forward I’ll use both, but for different reasons.